Cake Servings 
 size 1" x 2" (4" tall layer)
4" - 8 servings
6" - 12 servings
8" - 24 servings
9" - 32 servings
10" - 38 servings
12" - 56 servings
14" - 78 servings
16" - 100 servings
4" - 10 servings
6" - 18 servings
10" - 50 servings
12" - 72 servings
14" - 88 servings
16" - 128 servings
Wedding Cakes
Wedding cakes can come in just about any shape and size. You will find that round and square stacked cakes are the most popular and that the price is normally based on the amount of servings requested. Tiered cake are elegant and are stacked together or you could placed in  pillers and separate each teir. Your cake can be made of a standard cake such as vanilla, red velvet or chocolate or for the additional cost carrot, hazelnut almond, ginger spice, bananas foster, key lime and apple carmel. You can also add fillings such as vanilla or chocolate mousse, raspberry, strawberry or bavarian cream. The frosting is normally either buttercream or fondant. Because fondant requires additional labor the price of the cake will increase. The basic starting price for a buttercream cake is around $3.50 per serving. One way to reduce the cost would be to order a well designed cake, maybe two teir for display and a sheet cake which could be served out of the kitchen. You could also have the cake along with a selection of cupcakes, pastries or donuts.